Q. What is hand engraving ?

A. Hand engraving is a technique used to inscribe metal, plastics or glass by using either a variety of long thin chisels held in the palm of the hand which are pushed through soft metals such as gold, silver and brass or a flexi drive with a fine burr/drill attached to engrave Stainless Steel, plastic or glass. Sometimes a combination of both mediums are used. This differs to Laser or computer machines which either leaves a indent or mark on the surface of the item.

Q. What products can be engraved?

A. Gift Engraving have selected gifts known to engrave successfully. Please contact before sending in your own personal item for engraving. Glass engraves well and we have engraved many hundreds of glass items over the years ( please see terms and conditions). Bare metals such as gold, silver, bronze, pewter, brass, stainless steel or anodised aluminium all engrave successfully. Round items are not usually a problem.

Q. What products do not hand engrave sucessfully?

A. Timber products are not suitable for hand engraving. Some plastics and less quality silver plated items cannot be engraved and need to be tested before commencement of work .

All items sold on Gift Engraving web site have been sourced to successfully be engraved. 

Q. Does hand engraving fade?

A. Depending on the metal is to how long your engraving will last. Although hand engraving is scribed into the actual item, many soft metals can wear quicker due to work environment or the rubbing up against other jewellery eg: 18 ct gold being softer will wear quicker if it is rubbing up against a 9ct ring which is a little tougher.

Q. What is the advantage of having your gift hand engraved ?

A. There is a huge diversity of products offered that can be hand engraved. Each item is engraved separate from the other and so has it's own unique engraving character. Hand engraving unlike other forms of engraving can produce brilliant cuts, textures, scroll work and engraving were machines find it impossible. Laurie takes great pride in his work and his attention to customers. He likes to make dreams come true.

Q. What disadvantages of hand engraving are there?

A. Hand engraving usually takes more time, skill and artistic approach than computer and Laser engraving so tends to be a little more expensive. Hand engraving has a special unique, antique look.

Q. What should I engrave?

A.Please remember that some items have limited space to engrave such as Pens . To avoid the item looking over crowded or cramped try to minimise your engraving request and put those extra sentiments with an accompanying card .

E.G Rather than " Happy 21st Birthday Elizabeth love you from all your family 23-08-2016" possibly it could be "Happy 21st Elizabeth 2016"

As another example we can also replace words like "Love from " with a small "Love heart " Please call 0411030127 for assistance .

Q. What is your average lead-time ?

A. We strive to have your item engraved and shipped within 1-2 business days and delivered between 3-5 business days depending on youir location. In the event that an item is "out of stock" where we have stock ordered it may take up to10 business days( two weeks ) before delivery however this time largely depends on suppliers, current production and public holidays. Please contact if you have an urgent request so that we can best advise delivery times .

Please allow plenty of time before your gift is due for presentation and contact us on 0411030127 should your item be needed urgently or have any special requests regarding lead time and express mail service.

Q. Post Delivery

A. Gift Engraving makes every effort to have your parcel delivered in the quickest time possible.

Please make sure that all details filled into the delivery form are correct including a mobile phone number as this helps with the secure delivery of your parcel .

Should we make a mistake when addressing your parcel will will take full responsibility and work with you and Australia Post and replace the item in the quickest time possible should it not be recoverable. To date we haven’t lost a parcel ! 

Should you make a mistake when addressing your parcel we will work with you and Australia Post to find your item as best we can however we cannot be held responsible should it not be recoverable.

Q. Spelling 

A. Gift Engraving checks and rechecks the spelling provided for your inscription on the order form .

Should we make a spelling mistake, spelling that is different to the order form we will work with you, take full responsibility and if necessary replace the item at our cost.

Should you have made a spelling mistake on the order form , we will still work with you as best we can however we cannot take responsibility for this as there are now so many varied- individual spellings to what is in the Oxford Dictionary....we are not much at guessing spelling ! 

Q. What is the difference between No, Standard and Custom Engraving ?

A. Once you have selected your item, you will be given the option of :

1. No engraving
means just that, you don't wish to have your purchased engraved. Please follow through to checkout.

2. Standard Engraving
Drawing on years of experience our classic standard burr or chisel engraved characters are brought to you in either script or block lettering or sometimes a combination of both to best suit your gift . Our standard engraving covers the majority of engraving requirements. Please see our Engraving gallery.

3. Custom Engraving
Initial's, special artwork or special lettering. This covers more time consuming, intricate hand engraving of script initials, floral embellishment, following your drawings eg: on Signet rings, pendants, badges etc special fonts other than our standard script or block lettering. Please send us your request and we will check the items suitability to be engraved. We will reply with a quote as soon as possible.

Q. What fonts are used.

A. Gift Engraving uses a generic Script or Block which we have found over many years to be the most legible and well received. We then embellish that lettering appropriate to the item. Different engraving textures and layouts are what makes your item look personalised. Gift Engraving does NOT follow Microsoft Word fonts however by special request and at extra charge we can discuss other lettering options.These can be at a much higher cost per character.  

Q. What costs are involved with my purchase?

1. Gift cost
Select your item then proceed to Engraving Options or checkout.

2. Engraving cost
Once you have selected your item, you will be give the option to enter your Engraving request. We have a minimum charge of $25 for every item engraved plus a cost per character which is calculated after you have entered your engraving "View Cart" .When you have entered your engraving in the text box provided click "Checkout", it will update your engraving costs.
Custom engraving is charged on a individual basis.

3. Freight cost
We have a $10 Flat Rate shipping cost Australia wide. 

Q. Do you provide Laser engraving?

Yes, Laser Engraving is now available however due to job set up costs it is usually kept for large orders where multiple items of the same product and engraving is required. E.G Logos / Business names on e.g 50x Pens, or Stainless Steel Leatherman Multi-tools. Please contact us for further assistance.

Q. Are there any times where items are rejected for engraving?

A. Yes, occasionally we receive an item that has too many scratches on it, the surface is far too undulating or it " looks suspect" whether it is going to engrave successfully. Depending on the item we can sometimes test it to insure it is engraveable however if deemed too risky to engrave we will notify you of our findings and give you the option whether to go ahead with the job or cancel. We do this with your best interests at heart.

Q. Does Gift Engraving sell or ship Internationally ?

A. We do not currently ship Internationally due to varied handling procedures, fluctuating currancy, and freight charges .

We have made our store accessable for international customers wishing to purchase a gift where the delivery address is within Australia. 

Q. What time can I call the office

A. We are here to take your calls Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

Q. Gift Engraving Contact :

Laurie Ernst ABN : 64135123551

Trading as: Gift Engraving 

Ph:  07 40322270

Mob 0411030127

 [email protected]

PO. Box 881 Edge Hill Cairns 4870