About the Engraver

Laurie Ernst began his 4- year apprenticeship in fine jewellery engraving in 1973 at Tom McDonald's Jewellers under the guidance of the Master Hand Engraver Jack Clarke and has been honing his talents ever since. Gift Engraving is the culmination of over 47 years experience in the hand-engraving/ jewellery trade for Laurie, having engraved for state and federal politicians, the Defence Force, emergency services, and the general public, all from his studio in Cairns, North Queensland Australia . He has engraved for a myriad of high-profile special events such as national game fishing tournments, photographic and sailing awards, corporate presentations , engagements, weddings, christenings, and graduations and endeavours to provide his renowned high-quality standard of service and product to all customers throughout Australia via the Gift Engraving website.

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About Gift Engraving

Gift Engraving is where the old world meets the new. The art of old fashioned hand engraving skills and service meeting internet technology. You can purchase a special gift online, have it hand engraved or Laser Engraved and posted out to you anywhere in Australia with a minimum of fuss . Gift Engraving services are especially appropriate for those living in rural and remote areas who simply don't have the time to drive hours to the city, buy a gift, locate a professional engraver before having to drive home and of course then to return to pick it up. Laurie has personally sourced a selection of fine quality gifts and jewellery  which he knows to successfully hand-engrave. This takes much of the guesswork out of gift shopping when engraving is required.