Engraving is a technique used to inscribe text or designs into hard surfaces such as metals, plastics or glass. Gift Engraving has products that can be laser or hand-engraved.
Hand-engraving is the traditional form of engraving. A specially-trained hand engraver will use a range of unique tools including long thin hand pushed chisels to carve soft metals such as gold, silver and brass, or a fine burr/drill to engrave harder surfaces such as stainless steel, plastics or glass. Sometimes a combination of both techniques are used. There are many other engraving tools that can be utilised for hand engraving . Hand-engraving creates a special and more personalised finish that is custom and unique to every item. No two engravings are exactly the same due to the human element. Hand-engraving can produce brilliant cuts, textures and scroll work and a more organic feel that can be hard to replicate by a machine. Hand-engraving is fully customised and usually takes more time, skill and artistic consideration, therefore it also tends to be more expensive than laser engraving.
Laser Engraving (also known as Laser Etching) is a modern process where a purpose built laser machine is used to create a high energy beam of light that is focused via mirrors to concentrate on a fine point, changing the surface of the object. This process is used for engraving and cutting many different metals and modern materials. The laser creates high heat that will vaporise the material, and expose cavities that will form the final image. It can engrave on the surface or at depth. Laser engraving is controlled by a computer and is best suited for when exact engraving replication is required across multiple items.
Gift Engraving has carefully selected gifts we have tested and know to engrave successfully. We can engrave bare metals such as gold, silver, bronze, pewter, brass, stainless steel, glass, some plastics and anodised aluminium , these all engrave successfully. Round items are not usually a problem as we have a number of engraving technique to cover most requests. There are many reasons why some items are not able to be engraved ,so should you have items purchased elsewhere we are happy to engrave them for you after appraisal .
All items sold on this website have been selected for their ability to be successfully engraved. Unfortunately some items brought in from elsewhere for engraving such as low quality silver-plated items and some plastic items may not be suitable for engraving . These items will need to be assessed and tested before commencement of any work.
One of the main attractions of engraving is its permanency, and generally it can last for the life of the product. However, the type of metal or material used in the manufacture of a product along with other environmental factors can affect its lifespan. For example, many soft metals can wear quicker due to heavy use or rubbing up against other harder metals . A good example of this would be with jewellery where the engraving on a softer 18ct gold ring will wear quicker if it is rubbing up against harder 9ct gold ring.

What you have engraved is totally up to you, however please keep in mind that every item is different with some having limited space available to engrave. To avoid your engraving looking cramped, try to simplify or minimise the amount of text and add the extra words in an accompanying card.

E.g. Rather than 'Happy 21st Birthday Elizabeth love you , from all your family 23-08-2021, consider, 'Happy 21st Elizabeth' or even just their full name.

We can also replace words like 'Love from' with a small love heart ♥ , please indicate if you would prefer this

We work to send tracking details of your parcel . If you include your mobile phone number in your order you will receive notification of the parcel status via Australia Post. We strive to have your order engraved and shipped same day however that depends on the time the order comes in. In many cases it will ship the following day . We ship most smaller parcels via Express Post so you should see your parcel in 3-5 days. Should you not be in an Express Post zone and we ship via Standard satchel it might take up to 10 days. Should we be out of stock of an item we will contact you and offer another suggestion.
We strive to have your item engraved and shipped by the same day or following day of receiving your order. We usually ship via Express Post with the majority of our parcels where Engraving has been selected. Please contact at any time to establish the status of your order. In the extreme event that you have not received your parcel within 7-14 days please contact immediately
Please contact us via Email or Phone to discuss what issues you are having to establish a return of your product . This way we can then supply you with a return number and postal address.


Visa and Master Cards payments are available along with Paypal . Please contact for Direct Deposit details
Should you have any issues with payments or the site in general please contact via The Contact page

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